The Bike Bit

You might have got yourself into shape to complete the route but have you
thought about your bike and how it will cope with the extra demands you are
about to place on it? Below is a basic (very basic) list of checks you should
carry out on your bike before you start and don’t do them the night before you
set off! If you are in any doubt as to your competence regarding cycle
maintenance then take your bike into the local bike shop to get it serviced.

You can tackle this route on pretty much any bike, though if using a road bike you would be best with winter tyres. You also need to think about panniers, so the ideal machine is a touring bike or hybrid.


Make sure that the blocks are not rubbing on the tyre when you apply your
brakes, also check that the blocks hit the rim squarely and do not slide under
the rim. Check that the blocks are not overly worn and that they connect with
the rim cleanly.


Check that neither the gear or brake cables are frayed. If they are replace


The tyres should be inflated correctly to manufacturers recommendations and
check the amount of tread left, if in doubt replace them.


Apply lubrication to front and rear mechs, brake holder pivots, all entry and
exit points on cable outers, chain, brake lever pivot points and reapply
lubrication at the end of each days riding.


Check out the spares list on the right hand side of this page for a basic list
of kit to take with you.